Week 5: Response to “Embrace the Remix” (Cici&Alvin)

When it comes to the word “Remix”, the first thing appears in my mind is nothing but the wonderful remix music. To be frank, I am actually a huge fan of it because I admire those DJs who can infuse new life into the original versions. Remix music, basically, is a subset of audio mixing in music and song recordings, according to Wikipedia, and I have to admit that I used to consider it as an improvement of the original song instead of a band-new creativity. However, this ted, “Embrace the Remix” has totally changed my mind that—- Remix is a creativity and we should embrace the remix in many areas other than music.

Though I am crazy about remixes, especially electronic music remixes which mean applying electronic elements to those traditional ones, I used to doubt whether they belong to plagiarism or not. Because sometimes the adaptations can be much more famous than the original ones and that sometimes people will only remember the remix one, which from my perspective, is a little unfair and contradictory. For instance, one of the most popular remix nowadays all over the world is originally an only Spanish song called Despacito. Though this Spanish song was popular in Span before, the remix version created by Justin Bieber is probably more “household” than it. The beats are almost the same while the whole structure is just so similar that many would say that they only changed a little part of the song. However, it is still a creative work instead of a copy because the difference is that ,as Kirby Ferguson points out,  three elements account for a “remix”, which are “copy, transform, and combine”. This means that copy is indeed a part of a remix because as Ferguson argues, any creation, no matter how creative it is, is all built on the basis of the previous pioneers and knowledge. Nobody is isolated in the world while in the same way, nothing has definitely no connections with other works. The key point is only how we use the original work, not   merely copying but with the intention of create something new. What you want is not not letting others discover that you are cheating but instead, you admit that you are taking something from others because you need the inspiration.

Thus, I am not actually favor of Steven Job’s claims in this ted because I think, we need to share because you are taking something from others as well, no matter consciously or unconsciously. We should embrace remix because this is the root of the most amazing flower on this planet, which is called creativity.

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