Field Trip to Maker Carnival – Xiaoyan

Documented by: Xiaoyan Kong

Participate date: Oct 14, 2017

Documented date: Oct 15, 2017

Instructure: Professor Moon


Yesterday afternoon, I went to the 2017 Shanghai Making Carnival which takes place in Yangpu district. It was my first time going there and I really enjoyed it. There were so many inspiring projects that worth spending time seeing and exploring.







I took pictures of some projects that I am interested in. They are the followings:

This keyboard, instead of using the English alphabet, the creator uses Chinese characters represent each of the letter. For the technique part, they improved the flexibility and the touching sense of each bottom.

Those projects on the table are made by the deaf-mute students, they don’t have that much technology includes, but you can still see their creativity through these amazing and delicate jobs!

I saw pretty much 3D print projects in the Carnival which were really cool. They were using different materials and different kinds of machines. There was even one for kids to play and explore. I saw lots of parents took their kids playing this which I believe this must be very inspiring for kids.

This project has almost the same concept of how Apple wireless chargers working. You put wires around the insulator and the items that you want them to work, connect the insulator wire to the power supply. When you put it on the insulator, the items will get to work. When you remove it, it doesn’t work anymore.

To conclude, I appreciate that I got the chance to participate the carnival, got surprised and inspired by so many impressive works. But at the same time, I am also considering about with the same tools we all have, what differences can I make? I think I should take step by step, pay more attention to the basic knowledge, and be more creative.



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