Fairy Tales for the 21st Century| Asiya Gubaydullina| Final Notes

The final project was all about taking a story and turning it into an animation. I decided to stick to the story of Morozko or Father Frost. I am not going to recap what this Russian folktale is about but talk about my workflow and process. I used Illustrator for the 2D backgrounds, Fuse for creating 3D characters, Photoshop for animating the characters and After Effects for rendering those two together. Overall, this was an interesting process from which I learned so much more about all that software. Here is the link to the final project

These are a couple of examples of the backgrounds I created. As you can see, I added a bit of texture to the settings of the world but overall, I wanted them to look 2D and have 3D characters animated. I believed that would look more of the pop-up book slides rather than a full 3D or 2D based project. Working on my storyboard was the most helpful part of this process since after placing everything on the paper, I just had to create the scenes. Overall, I had 25 different backgrounds.

As for the characters, I went through this whole chain of Fuse -> Mixamo -> Photoshop because it didn’t occur to me to save the characters in the Adobe library and then work on them in Photoshop. However, when exporting the characters as an .obj file into the Photoshop, the software doesn’t read the spine section (the most important section). Therefore, I actually had to export them, then throw into Fuse, download as .dae format and then back into Photoshop to animate and render the animations into small videos.

Later I took all the scenes and compiled them together as a .mov file in After Effects. Originally, I was planning to animate the clouds but due to the lack of time didn’t end up doing it. The problem though is that when I previewed everything, the quality of the file wasn’t that good. Therefore, I had to go back to Photoshop and re-render every animation with different settings. That was the most tedious job on the planet because I had around 20 mini-animations to re-render. After I finally found the right setting for my project, the workflow was rather simple. In After Effects I applied the transitions and music. The only thing I didn’t finish is the voiceover. I started it but due to the lack of time could not finish it.

As for the future, I think there is a lot to develop in my story. Therefore, I would love to finish the voiceover and work on the characters a bit more. Play around, fix minor bugs and viola, the project is ready for my resume.


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