Week 6: Feedback for “Theft And Artistry”(Vasudevan)

  • About the song “hymn for the weekend”itself:

I like this song made by Coldplay and Beyonce. The mixed effect of sporty melody and the India style really leaves me a deep impression. I am a receptive person,  I am really excited to see different culture come together. When I listen to it, I focus on the background music mostly, and  I heard a sound like bell which makes me awake immediately. Because when I close my eyes and enjoy the melody , I can feel the India style. Like India beauty wearing sari walks along the streets, and the Taj Mahal is just appears infant of my eyes. I think this is what REMIX gives me. Not only about the British lyrics and music designing, but also about the India culture. And because of this song, I know what is Holi festival. Because the background of the MV is India Holy festival.

About the culture appropriation:

Since “hymn for the weekend”has gained great success after its publish, heated discussion about this music also comes. I searched some information about how Indians think about “hymn for the weekend” . Some of them feel it’s offensive and aggressive.  Because there are some offensive elements in the MV. For example, there is a picture about India slum. In front of the slum,  Indian kids are having fun with the lead singer of Coldplay.

Here is the shot:

Indians hope others also concern about their development instead focus on religions(because their are many shots about religion in the MV). But I think “hymn for the weekend”is just a music that use necessary parts to create fantastic music. There is nothing about underestimating, nothing about ignorance of country development.  The REMIX of culture and music can bring listeners wonderful music enjoyment.

Some inspiration about how to REMIX a music without “offensive”:

Before adding new elements to a music, I think the production team should do a survey about them firstly. In terms of “Hymn for the weekend”, different opinions come from different countries. That’s to say, because of people’s statement, singers don’t think too much about slum for instance. They just want to create a mysterious atmosphere, but some Indians regard something happened in the MV as an theft and a offensive thing.  In order to avoid the conflict, they both side should have a communication and understand each other.

Hence, as for REMIX a music, no matter  monetarily or artistically, respect each other firstly, and then create a fancy and give it a shot.

By the way, I really like this sentence:”Your training as an artist is essentially about impersonation, imitation,You learn to get better by kind of borrowing or adapting or training yourself in the way of the people who came before you.” This is what we called *REMIX*.

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