Week 6 Response to Theft And Artistry(Vasudevan)

This article starts from Coldplay and Beyoncé ‘s songs. After watching the video, I can say that except the backdrop there is nothing that I can find related to India. Although they use the images of people and items in India, the tune and melody are still the traditional  American pop music. I can’t really tell the value about this kind of cultural appropriation.

From my perspective, every country has their own musical features so how to combine others’ features with what our own features is really significant. Because people will do the appropriation for different aims. Somebody do that monetarily and somebody will do that artistically. For instance, Paul Simon desired for a good album and therefore he went to South Africa to create the new type of music. I totally understand why some people object the cooperation even though the appropriation will bring their music to the world. First, they want to protect the origin of their music from being sullied by other foreign music. Besides, not only music, they don’t want to people outside misunderstand their culture by the cultural appropriation.

In a word, there is nothing wrong when we use a cultural appropriation, however, we should keep an eye on how we use them. Just as Sharma said that Indian culture is presented with the same old stereotypes and it is relegated to a background. If we change this old stereotype randomly, we will be regarded as the people who don’t respect their culture. This can even contribute an political issue.

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