Final Project: Ida’s Flower _by Sunny Pu

The original story and adapted version:

Character design:

I drew all the characters in photoshops, and they are silhouettes. The aesthetic looks clean and I like it really much. Most of the animation is made in After Effects using the puppet tool. They were not hard but quite time-consuming. And I had to think about how the shape of the object that the projection will go on affects the characters movements. Then, the animation of transformation was hand drawn. I recorded a piece of ballet dance and opened the video in Photoshop and then rotoscoped the dancer’s movement.

Animation footages:

After the animations were done, I started to do projection mapping. I chose to project upon the objects that we see and use every day, like the wall, the door, and the chair, etc, to let people imagine and catch a sense of magic and fantasy from the realistic world. I recorded the projection process and edit the clips together. I hope you can get the idea of narration from the editing. The video has exceeded the size limit of the documentation blog, so I uploaded it to the google drive: Some spots work good with the animation, it really makes the 2D animation dimensional.

Besides the projection I did in the first draft, I have some new clips here:

I met a couple of issues during projection. Among them, lighting is the biggest one. I projected in the common space inside our dorm at night. When projecting, I could either turn the light on or off. If I projected with the lights on, the ambient lights were brighter than the projector’s light, which made the color of animations very pale; however, if I turned off the lights, the animations looked bright but the objects that were projected upon became hard to see.

I projected the flowers on the wall above a hook. You could see the flowers, but since the ambient lights were turned off, it was really hard to see the hook…

The same problem here: There is actually an AC pipe and I tried to let the flowers jump on the pipe, but seldom people noticed the pipe because it was too dark…

I did this projection in the daytime. I wish to let them poke their head out from the back of the curtain. But as you can see, the curtain is not thick enough to cover the nature lights from the outside. So the color of three characters looked pale and has a translucent feeling. lol

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