[PS4]Granturismo Sport

GranTurismo Sport

The scene in this game is so cute. When I was looking around, I actually can see what’s outside the window, where my legs and my feet are, even the back of the car! Every time when I hit the wall, there will be a vibration on the controller. I have to say this game requires very good driving skill lol cuz I literally hit the wall every time when I was about to turn the car around. The headset is very easy to be positioned on the head and there’s a part which the user can adjust the distance between his or her eyes and the screen, which I think is really considerate. Whereas, the game is a bit too long for the user and I got really bored during the last half of the game because there was nothing special anymore. The headset is super dizzy, and also the controller vibrates when I hit the wall, and I felt dizzy for a while after I took the headset off.


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