Final Project

My app idea was an app that takes your existing entertainment media accounts like iTunes, Netflix, Kindle, and Youtube and recommends media in the language you are learning to you. The apps target audience is younger people who have already been learning a language in a formal setting for at least two consecutive years. While it is not meant for people who have not been actively trying to learn a language, while interviewing people I realized there is a small portion of users who would use it just because they enjoy the that specific genre of media(international movies and music) and would use it to find more than what they can access on Netflix by themselves since they would have troubles searching for titles using just English. Surprisingly my survey showed that many people did use media to watch/listen to media in their target language. The average length for people to study a language was 7 years, which was good because that is within my target audience. Since my app would mostly function as a resource that draws information from other sites I think I would end up marketing it as free or at least a very low price especially since I think it would be easy to get money from ads. All of the people who took my survey wrote they would be interested in it especially if it were free. I had originally thought it would be used to get people interested in the language again after learning it for so long and getting bored with it, but only a few people out of 31 stated that they were any less bored with learning the language than when they first started learning it. It seems that people just want recommendations so they  can improve their language skills faster, increase their cultural understanding beyond the language, and improve their language in a less grade focused way. When I conducted individual interviews people told me they think that once you have hit the 3-4 year mark it is a good point to start trying to listen/watch media in the target language and that from personal experience they think it really helps them increase their language skills. I think the mark to start listening to media in a different language might be a little different depending on the persons age, but my app would target high schoolers and above so I think it is fine. The only real question they had was would the algorithm to suggest media be as good as Youtube autoplay.

Here are my storyboards, user flow, and brainstorm kth276_10-30-2017_17-41-56.

Below are the icons and logo I made for the app. The tagline I came up with is “Fluent Faster”.These are the early versions app,  app2.0 the first one is the wire frame and the second is when I started doing the mockups. While I was user testing people told me my app was a little text heavy. In general they didn’t have too many problems with navigation, but they didn’t think the layout was that attractive for a mobile app. They also had some questions about how I named some of the features and I realized that some of the names I had were just things I saw in other apps and actually weren’t important for me to have. I don’t think it was as confusing for them as me, but sometimes I had to think about how it would work between playing things on the app or whether the app would be purely for recommendations. You can see at one point I added a search bar, but I decided against it because I wanted it to be recommendations not a place like Youtube where you could just find everything. Some people said it was a little crowded and how it would work if you chose a language that was less popular and I think it would have to be one of those apps that relies on user feedback to a certain extent. Also some of the screens didn’t seem to perfectly line up with the last one that just caused some discomfort while trying the prototype but I think that is partially due to the fact that I used inDesign to build it.

Here are the persona’s and respective scenarios I created for users of my app. Persona1 Persona2 Persona3.

Here are screenshots from my first drawing of the app and uploaded to Marvel.


This is the final product I came up with : SpeakEz.

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