Ronan and Jack and Linda First VR Production

Technological background


  • 2 DSLR with fisheye lens
  • steady stand for two
  • Aftereffects

Why the special tripod:
In order to create a 3D shooting rig, we need to find a way to mount the cameras close enough to each other so that the camera’s interpupillary distance or IPD is close enough to match that of the average human. Low IPD: everything looks bigger, high IPD: shrinks the scale of the world.



To raise the fps: DSLRs record HD at 30fps, which is not good for VR. I used a plugin called Twixtor once to make slow motion in my animation, it creates missing frames, so I was thinking maybe I could give it a try. Even though, it worked, the animation was simple black puppet over a white background and I build a skeleton for it in Aftereffects, so I am not quite sure what it would do to real world images. ( In theory its amazing, the basic plugin should be enough and is for free but you can get a free trial on the pro version. )

Merging clips: 3D Glasses in Aftereffects
tutorial link on lynda:
Viewing the final product:


Aggressive inspiration:

Start: 2 stand in front of each other in the middle of the room, preparing to fight

Then: splitting into two in every two second, getting closer to the camera
Fight inspiration:

End: one people finally hits the other


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