Team 3: Project One Documentation: Kilian, Bruce, Sara, Jack

Exploring (real) people close-up in (artificial) constructed environments
Project 1: Make a “virtual crowd” doing “synchronized movement and sound.”


– shot from same spot with same lighting
– must be at least 180 degrees
– can be shot as pano or as “pie slices”- everyone is shot individually from individual “home positions”
– everyone (?) at some point comes close to camera
– maximum crowd size
– goal is VR clips 20 seconds maximum each



A silhouette of a figure holding a phone in front of the player to start the scene. There is nothing else on the plane making it the center of attention.

Rising Action:
The player looks in the direction of the silhouette of the figure for longer than 3 seconds triggers the figure to begin walking around the player clockwise at approximately 5 meters away.  As the figure completes almost completes encircling of the player there will be at first 10 after images frozen in time behind like after images. This number may increase but is placed to make a proof of concept.
When the full circle is made it will trigger animations from all frozen images. The frozen images will act confused and be looking around. After around 3 seconds of confusion one of the 10 figures will cough. This will either be random and or planted (preferably on the left) and everyone other figure will look in that direction. Once the Player looks in the direction of the figure who made the sound for around 2 seconds the figure will start to walk towards them with the other figures following after offset based on speed and time.
Falling Action:
Once the first figure is around 1 meter (TBD)  away from the player the figure points at you with all other figures also pointing but a little farther behind.
The figures get blown away into the pollution
Platform: Vive
Hardware: Zed Camera (for point cloud)
Software: Unreal / Unity
Information gathered on how VR is being used in relation with climate change, more specifically with air pollution and immersion in a story setting. (click on one of the links)
Artistic Inspiration:

Shooting & Recording:

  1. A walking person in real world with depth data (ZED Camera). He/She will both walk around and towards the viewer.
  2. Different animations/ movements (looking left & right, pointing finger, etc.) of the replicates.
  3. The ending of the experience. (particle effect flying away or fading to black)
  4. Audio recording of a sentence (backup).


  1. An artificial background (hazy) with ambient sound (Unreal/maya)
  2. Duplicates of the figure and their animations in relation with eachother.
  3. The ending of the experience. (This can either be shot or made, or both.)
  4. Triggers such as staring in a location, animation synchronization, interactivity in immersion


  1. Head tracking in VIVE.
  2. Trigger #1: Once the “figure” hit the first replicate, all replicates start moving.
  3. Trigger #2: Once the viewer fix his/her head at the “cougher”, the whole scene goes dark/replicates are blown away.

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