Week 2:Proposal 2 The Price of Looking Good

 The story will be of the Shanghai Expo and how it went from the 2010 exhibition center, stage for the future. Each building was carefully designed by each country to represent their identity and position in the world. After the exhibition was over the largely became deserted. The Mercedez Benz Center is still used for concerts and there is a large decadent shopping mall, but it’s deserted. The China pavillion is now a museum and there is a pretty big art modern art museum nearby, but being in Southern Pudong few people bother to venture out that far. I am interested in telling the story of how the Shanghai Exhibition Area went from the main destination in China to a deserted area with monstrous buildings. The difference in atmosphere between now and then and how people interacted with the space. I think these places are interesting because of the scale of the event it was covered on all sorts of media, like the Olympics countries spend a fortune on these theme park like areas just to host millions of visitors for a few days. It is also interesting for its historical significance as this was a time when many people were still getting to know China. The slogan for the event was Better City Better Life and the construction and desertion of this area surrounded by residential areas begs the question what did it bring to the people?

I think the significance in this lies in that it was one of the major events of the 21st century after the re-opening of China in the late 20th century. Much of Shanghai had yet to be developed yet they had built the bund and these giant arenas for the event. It really set the stage for how the world saw China coming in to the century of technology.

I think one of the interesting things is few people know that a lot of people still don’t know that Shanghai held this in 2010. I was here right before the event and I remember people in Shanghai and Beijing talking about how they were taking all these measures to clean up the two cities for these big events. I am also onterested because this big area was probably built with the sacrifice of living space, and it was used well before, but is no longer attracting millions of people. I would like to know more about how the locals and possibly displaced people feel about this. Since I know from other classes many of the people who were told to leave their residences to build the metroplitan area amd skyline have yet to see any benefits for them in this development.

I think this story will be more documentary style since I know a lottle about the history and want to talk about how the use of the space has changed, and what happened to the people there. My resources for this will be books and articles mainly, but I also hope to find photos or photage of the event and pre event of the area. If I can I would also like to find someone to interview that was at the exhibition to talk about how everything was set up and how it felt. And then someone who was there even before that was there. I think it’s important because it says a lot about how much countries are willing to pay to keep up their image. Although the Shanghai Expo center and Beijing Olympic arenas aren’t nearly as deserted as most.

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