Pitch3: From Shanty Town to Modern Block | Bruce,Emma,Jerry

Working Title:

From Shanty Town to Modern Block


Group Member:

Bruce Luo, Emma Tao, Jerry Wang


Research Plan:

1. Source:

  •  Documentary:

我的潭子湾小学” (My Tanzi Bay Primary School)

       link: https://movie.douban.com/subject/4043852/

Produced in 1999, this documentary focused on more than one thousand primary school students of the Tanzi Bay primary school. Along with the Tanzi Bay being removed and ten thousand families of the Bay looking for their new homes, these primary school students changed to other schools. While getting apart with friends and teachers, they were also looking forward to new life.

The documentary is very well produced, full of historical videos and audios. We will refer basically two things from it: First, the narrative way of telling a story, following timeline order. Second, historical pictures of the Tanzi Bay in 1980s and 1990s will be referenced, and we will choose part of them, combine creatively in our documentary as historical source.


  • Online library:


We found this online library constructed by Shanghai Educational Audio Press. This website introduces the shanty towns of Shanghai systematically. It covers the formation of shanty towns; social structure of Shanghai at that time; the expansion of the area; inside structure and life of residents. This online library will help us with the voiceover, especially introduction part.

2. Interview

We decide to do the interview during the Thanksgiving vacation, and we will interview two people.(We’ve got in touch with them already, and they are very willing to help us! )

The first interviewee is Mr. Sun(Emma’s relative), aged 86, who is a former resident of the shanty towns in “Three Bay and One Lane”(from 1950s till 1980s). He was one of the generation who suffered the world war, culture revolution, and witnessed the huge development after open up.We want to talk with him and recall some old memories of the life living in this shanty town. If possible, we would do the interview in the new neighborhood, so as to create the atmosphere of comparison.

The second interviewee is Mrs.Sun, daughter of Mr.Sun, aged 44. She lived her childhood in the Shanty Town from birth to age 13, and moved to a newer neighborhood in 1982 with her family. She is one of the generation, who studied and worked hard, dreaming of getting out of the shanty town and living in modern houses. We want to talk with her about the removal process happened in the neighborhood during 1980s to 2000s. If possible, we also want to do the interview in the new neighborhood.


Specific dates to completion:

  • November 20-22:

1.We three will visit the neighborhood together(maybe with drone), and do the first filming(broad).

2.We will come up the risk assessment, detailed production plan, and make clear the shot list we want. After that, Emma will come up with a rough but complete storyboard.

  • November 23-24(Thanksgiving):

After we get back, we will furnish the shot list, and add details to the storyboard.

  • November 25-27:

Emma will finish the complete storyboard

  • November 28-30:

Bruce and Jerry will start the rough cut.

  • December 1 or 2(maybe both):

We three will visit the neighborhood again(with drone), and finish all the detailed shootings.

Also, Emma will lead the interview with two interviewees in the neighborhood.

  • December 2-4:

Bruce and Jerry will finish the rough cut.

  • December 5-12:

Final cut 


Proposed Flight Dates

Nov.23 (Friday)  Dec. 1(Friday) (and/or Nov.30)



(The name after the role are the chief executors, however, others will also help. We want to discuss and solve problems together, keep in contact! )

Storyboard: Emma

Photographing(drone): Bruce

Video Editing: Bruce&Jerry

Voiceover: Jerry

Interview:  Emma 

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