Final Project Concept essay—-Boyan Xu (Sean’s Section)

Name: Boyan Xu

Date:11/20 2017

Instructor: Sean Clute


My definition of interaction is “creating with your act”. For example, when you interact with a game console, you create the movement of your player’s position or something similar. When you interact with a midi instrument, you create some delighting music. When you interact with “wooden mirror”, you create your shadow in the form of wooden pads with aesthetics significance.

There are two kinds of interaction according to my definition. One is aestheticism interaction, in which you only create visual or audible aestheticism result. For example, in the famous interaction artwork “wooden mirror” you cannot create a useful result, like switching on your lap. The other one is pragmatic interaction, in which you create something useful for your real life, for example, you interact with your keyboard in order to type out letters on your screen.


My project is to create an interactive system which gives you a chance to become the conductor of an orchestra. In this project, participants will be able to control the pace of the famous waltz An der schönen blauen Donau, and the amplitude of different instruments in the orchestra.

My idea originates from the dramatical motion of some orchestra conductors. I think it will be a wonderful interactive experience for people to use the dramatic movement of their arm to create some hearable change in an elegant waltz.

The impact of this project is giving a sense of achievement to the participant exchanged by their excellent, or crazy, or professional conducting.



One established form of interaction I want to critique is the “wooden mirror” (, this artwork did a great job in allowing participants to use their body to create their shadow reflected by thousands of wooden pads. It let people create aesthetic results with their act. My project seems to do the same thing, namely letting participants create aesthetic change in a waltz.



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