Sihang Warehouse


Team Charter–Sihang Warehouse(四行仓库)


Group member: Sofia, Kate, Franklin, Bill


Title: Discovering How The Shanghainese Remember their Postcolonial Past




  • Overall Sequence: Landscape of Shanghai with images of some historical buildings built in the colonial period(historical images of the warehouse in the movie will also be included). Then, a montage switches the scene to the present image of the warehouse. After we introduce the warehouse, we go into the site and start our interview with flashbacks of the scenes we shot of the warehouse. We will end this film in a dramatic way, but the brainstorming is still in process, because it will essentially wrap up the whole film.
  • Background Story: During World War II, Sihang warehouse in Shanghai was used as a fortress by the Chinese Army to defend Japanese intrusion. 400 Chinese soldiers were garrisoned in this building, which was the last troop to retreat in the battle of Shanghai Defence. The remains of the bullet holes and the old view of it can still be seen. We will discuss the story about how a heroic girl passed the national flag to the commander of the troop. This is where we will discuss the female role in this epic defense as a key component of the battle and the site.
  • Introduction of the site: It has six storage rooms, and is made out of steel reinforced concrete. It covers the area of 0.3 hectares and it was established in 1931, recruited by Continental bank, Kincheng bank, China South Sea bank and The Yieh Yien(salt industry) Commercial Bank. Si means four, and hang means banks, so Sihang warehouse literally means the warehouse for these four banks.
  • Shooting Difficulties: We might not reach the top of the building and we are planning to shoot a scene about the river nearby, but for the most part those would be the difficulties faced.
  • Scenes Involved: a scene of the river, a scene of M50, a scene of some other buildings nearby(haven’t decided), a panning shot inside the warehouse, and inside approaching the shots from different angles i.e corners of the museum. Also, a shot of the Jinyuan Road and probably the Jinyuan Middle school, where the two independent interviews will be held.


Length: 8-10 minutes in total, documentary style with archived films and our original footage that we film. Interviews of the historical background will take up about 5 mins, archived films will be less than one minute and will overlap with the interview in some instances. We are planning to film about 20-30 minutes of drone footage and then pick the most powerful shots.




Site Date Content
NYU Shanghai Friday, Nov. 24 Shoot the interview in school
Sihang Warehouse Saturday, Nov. 25 Shoot outside
Sihang Warehouse Thursday, Nov. 30 Shoot outside
NYU Shanghai Friday, December 1 Another interview if needed


Detailed Research Plan:


  1. Warm up: Watch the film Eight Hundred Heroes and discuss together.
  2. Detailed plan: books, academic journals, articles on the internet related to the warehouse, on-site observations, and a visit to the museum to learn about its history.
  3. Interview: some professors at NYU Shanghai focused on urban change and Sino-Japanese War history, some staff at the museum – they will provide us with a wide range of different perspectives.
  4. Wrap-up: a group discussion will be conducted to select materials which can fit in the general synopsis of our documentary.


Distribution of Tasks:


  1. shooting(drone), watchman: Bill , Kate
  2. shooting inside the building: Sofia
  3. interview (in the scene): Franklin
  4. editing the film: Bill, Kate
  5. contacting professors and the museum: Bill
  6. sound engineer(recording, mixing or editing): Sofia
  7. Research: Franklin, Bill


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