Allumette #animation #nowordsneeded #upinthesky #Icried #drama #fairytale


Official summary : Allumette tells a story about love, sacrifice and a deep bond between a young girl and her mother.

Personal review: Allumette is a non interactive VR film. It is beautiful just the way it is. The animations and the characters are on point, beautifully made. The story is a new version of the Little Match-Girl so it is expected to be really sad. In the beginning you find yourself in the sky, in a small village on the clouds. There is a girl with 3 magic matches and whenever she burns one we can go back in time.

The story itself is beautiful and the animations are amazing. The whole atmosphere is just beautiful. I like the fact that for example when there is a ship or house I can dive in them and see them inside.

The characters are so lively, I wish I could touch them.

Overall I love this piece so much! Great example of VR cinematic pieces.

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