Production Plan – From Shanty Town to Modern Block

This is the production plan for our documentary project.

Group Members:

Emma Tao, Bruce Luo, Jerry Wang

The storyboard:


The Time Table and Division of Labour:

The Shot List:

Risk Assessment:

  • The blocks are rather tall. We visited the neighborhood last Friday and found out that that there are approximately 30 floors in each block, so that each block may be over 100 meters, meanwhile, the blocks are super dense, so we are afraid that the signals of the drones might be blocked. Also, we don’t want to go over the 120-meter limit, so it might be possible that we cannot fly drones to get a whole view of the blocks.
  • When it comes to interviews, some of our shootings are low and the drone will keep tracing people. However, we notice that there are many cats in this neighborhood, we don’t want cats to destroy our drone (very serious disaster!), so we might have to ask one member to watch over these cats.
  • There are quite a few trees in the neighborhood. The tall trees might block our sights to the drones and lose it. Also, the Suzhou River goes straight across the neighborhood. The river is wide, so we don’t want our drones to be out of battery, and fall into the river… (oh my god!) To prevent these potential risk, we’ll have to choose the right place for flying carefully.


We had our first visit to the neighborhood, and have decided which places we are going to shoot.(both drone and camera).

We choose the scenes on the rule that they show the unique qualities of the neighborhood —— “huge” and “long historical standing”.


The bushes puzzle:

(the center of the first community, which would look great if we use drones to have a bird-eye view)

The round pond:

(the center of the second community, also looks in good order and would be great if we use drones)

The leisure center:

(the very important place where many residents gather to relax)

An ait:

(the place we love most, the Suzhou river goes right across it, which means some kind of historical significance)

The buildings that surround the ait:

and of course, buildings:

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