Project Agriculture: Production Plan

**For proposal with images, please view on Google Docs:

  1. Storyboard

2. Shot list

3. Audio list

Sounds recorded will be edited in Reaper and Audicity. Sounds will be recorded by the following eqiupment: shotgun mic attached to Tascam with Auray windshield. In case we will use an English translation it will be recorded by the Blue Yeti in the podcasting room.  

4. Equipment

Microphones: we want to record sound at the farm, and IMA mics will allow us to capture high quality sound (Tascam + Shotgun Mic +Auray Windshield + Extra Batteries)(IMA borrow)

Handheld camera and batteries: Dylan has a camera that can shoot in 4K, but in the event he isn’t able to make it (and just for backup), we want to borrow the IT’s Panasonic VX980(ATS borrow) for 4K video recording to help us capture footage that doesn’t need the drone, ex. Interviews with farm workers/owners

Tripods(ATS borrow): stabilize interview video footage (2 items)

Laptop, ex. Macbook Pro 15 inch: this will allow us verify we have captured the necessary footage for our video

Multiple SD cards: we will be very far from Pudong, and we need to make sure we have enough memory for video and audio storage for all the devices

Hard Drive

USB-C to SD card Adapter

Drone: most of our footage of the farm will be shot with the drone

Power bank: drone needs to be in power when we need it. We’ll be using the drone for most of the morning, so we need multiple batteries so we won’t run out of power in the middle of shooting.

Umbrellas: just in case


5.  Risk assessment

Since we are filming on a farm, we will have to be aware of the farm animals because they may react erratically to the drone. In addition, finding a cleared area for take-off and landing may be difficult. We are working with a farmer which will make it easier to find this space. Overall, the landscape will not provide many obstacles for farming because there are not many buildings, power lines, etc. Still, while it is very flat, farmland has its own challenges as we will want to avoid crushing plants or crash landing in a canal.

Currently, one of our concerns is weather, as this weekend (when we want to shoot) is supposed to be cloudy with a chance of rain. This could greatly interfere with our plans for filming aerial shots.

Animals on the farm; we will have to be aware of these animals while we are flying to make sure we don’t hit them or scare them too much,.

Houses and power lines near the farm we will visit. As you can see, overall, it is very easy to avoid hitting these structures (and also avoid trees) because we can easily fly over them and there are no obstacles over the fields themselves. Filming inside their greenhouse farms will be done with a handheld camera, so there are no flying risks. However, finding a flat area to land may be more difficult because we won’t want to land in the fields where plants are growing or in the nearby canals where water is running. Roads are perhaps the easiest place to takeoff, but we would have to be very aware


6. Detailed production milestones through Dec 11 final cut


11/28-11/30 background research on wechat stores and the farm we are working with.

Dylan is currently in contact with the farm via wechat

Questions we will ask the farmer (asking some through wechat, and we may end up filming responses later)

  1. How long have you been farming? / 你是什么时候开始学农业的?你已经耕种了多久?
  2. How did you start farming?/你是怎么开始种田?
  3. When did you start using wechat to sell your products?/你是什么时候开始用微信卖你们重的东西?
  4. Why do you use wechat?/你们为什么用微信?
  5. How has wechat changed the way you sell food?/微信如何改变你销售食物的方式?
  6. Has wechat helped your business develop? Why or why not?/微信有没有帮你多发展你的田地和公司?为什么?
  7. Do you mainly use wechat to sell products or do you sell in person? / 你主要使用微信推销你的产品还是你亲自出售?
  8. Who are your main customers?/你们通常是卖给谁(别的公司,
  9. How often do you come to Shanghai?/你是平时来上海的吗?
  10. What’s your favorite part of your job?/关于种田和卖你们中的东西,你最喜欢什么方面?




  1. 你们那边的农田是哪一年开门的?
  2. 然后,你们农田是你跟你家人一起的吗?还是你跟另外一个商人什么的


Research on wechat stores:


12/1 filming on the farm

We want to film all of the shots on our shot list. Since the farm is very far away (2+hrs), we really don’t want to have to go back, so we will also try to get more shots than we need and shoot from a variety of angles. We also want to capture sounds on the farm, whether from animals, farm machinery, or the people. We will be shooting in the morning, which is very good since they are busy in the mornings. In the afternoon, when the workers are less busy, we will have more time to capture interviews using the handheld video camera.

12/2-12/3 editing video

After filming on Friday, the weekend will be dedicated to piecing together the film we captured from both the drone and the video camera and making sure our story comes through. We will also add voiceovers and music to make it more cinematic.

12/4 rough cut due

We should be done with editing by this point, so we will submit what we have.

12/5-9 improving our video

Since our main editor, Kacper will be out of town on 12/2 and 12/3. We will use the weekdays to improve our rough cut and make it more smooth and cinematic. Once we have a better film, we will also improve the corresponding audio.

12/10 filming pt. 2, if needed

Many of our members don’t have time to film a second time, so we really want to get all the film done by 12/1. However, if absolutely necessary, we may be able to get one or two people out to the farm to capture additional footage. In addition, we may just want to capture footage on related to the wechat store which would not require going out to the farm.

12/12 final cut due!

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