Week 11: Proposal for Internet Art Project (Cici&Alvin)

Project name: Little¬†Johnny’s food trip (just temporary, very likely to be changed ūüėā)

Project type: Internet Art Project (utilize html, css, javascript (&p5), audio, video and more)

Group members: Emily & Frances

Description of our initial ideas of this project: 

For this project, Frances and I decide to mix all what we have learnt before and since we are all girls…we really want to do something cute and interesting. Therefore, after a long discussion, we reach an agreement on our topic–“food” and our project’s name is ” Little¬†Johnny’s food trip” ( temporary). So in brief, our plan is to make a mini website about different food, which involves audio, video and interactions with Javascript animation. This time, we will provide our users with very detailed instructions and will design our layouts as both clear and attractive. In regard to the style, we will make it like cartoon and use a lot of drawing similar to my previous comic project.

How our project works:

We will have a home page which is like a map with several “food shops” (handmade?) and a little character named Johnny. User can click on button to decide which shop to go. And we will use animation here, when user choose a shop, the little character will automatically walk to that shop just like real shopping. And we now have designed three “shops”.

One is a dumpling shop, here is like a little game. Users can choose what they want to put in the dumpling. To add fun, we may provide some crazy material, too. Then if the combination is good, the little character will appear to be content, while if not, the little character will throw up and even die.

The second option is a hamburger shop called NYU Donald’s. User can draw their ideal hamburger through p5 animation. We will also have some images drawn by former users at the bottom of the page and new user can give them comments and mark stars to show how much they like them.

The third one is NYU cafeteria…This part is mainly a video using what we learnt about film editing. We will film the cafeteria food and students’ remarks on those food. And at the end we may have some new interactions which haven’t been decided yet.

This is only our initial draft plan. We may make some or even a lot of adjustments to them later.


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