Rough Cut Post

Rough cut video:


The shots shooted by drone doesn’t strictly follow the shot list because of the footage is much more intersting than we thought. The time for the interviews and documentary footages are still the same.

Narrative of Reflections / Adjustments:

During this week, we’ve finished our first flight as well the first interview. We have come up with a rough cut. Since our researches (documentary films and museums) will be based on our interviews and act as a supplement, we are now reflecting on how our research will play a role in the project. During our interview, Mr Sun talked a lot of his detailed memories in SanWanYiNong area. He introduced specific people of the place: where they are original from; what kind of work they do; how their houses look like; how they lived their life… based on all these detailed information, we’ll find out corresponding pictures and videos from our documentary film, and edit them into our project. Also, we are starting our second interview (will happen on Wednesday night).

List of reshoots / Additional shots for next flight: 

For our storyboard, we can now add more details to it since the interviews and documentary sources are done. We will decide the pace and portions of the interview, as well how the sources will support the interview. The storyboard will be revised in these days.

The additional shots include the beginning of the shot1 – shot3 and the shot that the drone flying through the buildings. We also need to get more footages from the researches we’ve done as well.

We need some instructions on flying because the tall buildings are blocking the GPS signals.

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