Week 11: response to paul Graham (Alvin and Cici)

“computers are just a medium of expression, as concrete is for architects or paint for painters”. I find this quote very intriguing because I never realized what Graham said was true until I read it. Being a hacker is considered as a real job, and as generations goes by, more and more people will become  hackers. In fact, some kindergarten and preschools already teach students to do simple coding, which proves how future generations will be so different from ours; almost everyone will have a minimum knowledge on the subject, no matter what the individual will end up doing/ will become. Like Graham says, “Over time, beautiful things tend to thrive, and ugly things tend to get discarded” which I think will happen with coding. Nowadays, some people don’t really understand the concept or the purpose of hacking because it is still a carrier that is yet to be acknowledge by everyone and because some misunderstand the purpose of this job. However, everything take time in order for one to appreciate another one’s work. For example, it took years before society realized Van Gogh was a talented artist, and it was only after his death that people started admiring his paintings, which shows my next point; I find it very interesting that Graham compares being a hacker and a painter because it shows how two different kind of artists create something from scratch with their creativity. Indeed, hacking is the future, and it is thanks to hacking that the future generations will evolve technologically wise. Yet, it seems like hacking is like painting because it will take time before everyone will start appreciating it and seeing it as art. Graham insists throughout his whole text on how many people don’t understand the work of a hacker and the beauty of it. In fact, he even talks about how one should learn how to code is not always taught correctly in schools. He discusses on how hacking is an art that can be taught but also learned through different methods, like painting. There are different kind of paintings and different way of expressing art through art, exactly like hacking.

In the end, I think that hacking is exactly what is going to change the future because its impact will be so predominant for every sectors/ working industries.

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