Assignment: Computer Vision (Prof. Rudi)

I choose Design & Architecture.

  • The reason why I choose it

I choose it mainly because it was really once my dream to be an architect. I really like designing buildings and indoor decorations. I am so excited that architecture can be related to our interactive media art and I want to figure out how.

  • How does it relate to my own experiences with Computer Vision

Actually, in my real life, I have seen many architectural scenes drawn by computer vision. For example, a few years ago my family wanted to move and visited many residential communities. Since those are new communities and were not completely constructed, we got to see the visual scene of the whole community and its surroundings either on an iPad or a 3D model. Another experience was that when I was surfing on an app called “weibo”, there was new technology that the picture can be showed in a panorama view of the beautiful scenery around the world, which leaves me a really deep impression.

  • The tools that I think are used

To pursue the 3D model of the scene of the building or the indoor scene of a room, I think there may be a software which can conduct the 3D drawing and show the structure of the building, just like the following picture.

By googling the source of the picture, I find a software which is from Russia. It is called the Visual Building Museum.

I also find a video describing the process of 3D modeling, which is conducted by the software 3DS. 3DS is a good and popular software used for 3D modeling. (I’m sad that the process was taught in Chinese.) The rectangles read that draw the 2D scene ➡️ modeling ➡️ choose materials ➡️ algorithm ➡️ synthesize the scene ➡️ Typesetting

  • The challenges that the developers may face

There is a disadvantage of the software 3Ds, which is that the time consumed of applying the texture or the color to the scene to make it more vivid is quite long. And to solve this problem, there is another software invented called “Vray”. It works by tracing the track of photon, thus speeding up the process of applying the texture and color, or even light sensation. This new technology remains to be discussed.






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