Class 25 Assignment(Rudi)-Samantha

After reading the reading and going through the slides, I decide to choose the “clever Cheese installation” developed by Christian Möller. I think this is a very interesting installation and it is so surprising to find that it can detect how “sincere” the actresses were smiling, which is very magical. This means that computers are able to know how people feel and how true their feelings are through analyzing their facial expressions. I assume that maybe this could be the first step for computers to be as intelligent as humans to understand how people feel and become more like human because of this ability to read expressions. If they can do this, then they may have the capacity to do things that are even more amazing, like deducing what we might be thinking or why we show a certain kind of expression, being truly “intelligent”. And I think this installation is similar to the face recognition technology in real life and in my project. In real life, when we register or some applications and enter or exit a country, our faces have to be scanned to keep the data and to make sure we are qualified. In my project, I used OpenCV to detect some of the facial movements of users. I think these techniques are similar to that of the “clever Cheese installation”, but the latter is clearly much more advanced because it also has to evaluate the expressions.


see a video:

 As what was mentioned in the reading, Christian Möller used “six flat panel monitors”, so I think they might also apply the face recognition technology. The computer tracked the actresses’ faces and the angles of their eyes, mouths etc. And I think it is very hard for the developers to enable the computer to make correct analyses of whether the smiles were sincere or not. In order to do this, they have to do a lot of research on what different expressions indicate and send all these data of findings to the computer. And there are millions of expressions as well as changes of expression. Even a slight change may bring a huge difference to the meaning of a certain expression. So in order to be accurate, the developers have to study and define countless situations and data. And here is an interesting link I found about the recognition of expressions:

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