In class assignment Computer Vision

For the example of Computer Vision, I choose Biometrics as the topic. The reason why I choose this topic is that biometrics has, in fact, become a part of our daily life. As we all know, fingerprint reading is a mature technology and has been used in everyday objects like cell phones and laptops. So I did some research on it. People have developed several recognition technologies, including fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, body movement recognition etc. Recognition technologies, except for fingerprint and facial recognition, are still developing technologies or has not yet been used in civil devices, so I would like to talk more about facial recognition. Facial recognition, using several infrared┬ásensors and a camera to capture an image and locate the face. The using complex algorithms to do the recognition. During the developing process, I think one of the major problems developers meet is the algorithms. How many data should we extract from the sensors’ values and how can we utilize these data to tell the differences. In my daily life, I use facial recognition a lot. My laptop is equipped with infrared cameras and has Windows Hello function. Though the fact that it sometimes can’t recognize my face bothers me a lot, the function is actually extremely useful and very fast, which leaves me amazed and triggers my curiosity towards facial recognition technology.

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