Henry is a VR piece I’m most looking forward to. As an Emmy award-winning VR film, it definitely performs outstandingly in many aspects:

  • Beautifully animated

Admittedly, compared to VR pieces like Starwars, the animation of Henry is unflawed. It makes me think of “Allumette” whose visual design attracts me at the first sight.

  • Patented StoryStudio mix of humor and heart

When I first try to watch it, the floor position of Oculus is somehow problematic. So I stay in the basement of Henry’s house for several mins. What impresses me is that even the basement is so well-designed that I start to doubt whether Henry is gonna walk downstairs seconds later. I fail to realize it’s a bug in the first place.

  • Sit down and Watch

Different from other VR film, Henry asks users to sit on the floor and watch the whole film. And the scene in the film combines with this special watching requirement so perfectly that you feel you are actually sitting on the floor next to Henry.

  • Interactive

Though you cannot touch anything and have real interactions with Henry, you still feel the film is interactive. For instance, there’s a moment when the cake cream spills out, I almost feel the sticky things on my face. And Henry is intentionally designed to look at the user sometimes which makes users feel they are actually with Henry.

However, I still feel a little bit disappointed with Henry. Maybe is because I expect too much of him. Just a suggestion, if the friend of Henry is not the turtle but the user, it may be more impressive.

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