(Rudi)Assignment for class 25

After reading the assigned materials and checking in detail Real Life Applicationsand Art Installations sections in our slides, choose one example of Computer Vision. Research about that example and post in your blog your findings. Be specific about which tools you think were used and which challenges the developers faced. In your response, clarify why you chose it and how does it relate to your own experiences with Computer Vision. Due December 7th.

What I choose: 

Government <> Privacy

Why I choose it: 

Why I choose the monitoring system set by government because I watched a famous TV series called Person of Interest years ago, which really impressed me and then I began to think about the problems of surveillance and personal privacy. We all know that government set the surveillance system to monitor the bad guy and to detect the potential threat. However, this process also threatens the normal people’s privacy and the technology might be used with dirty hands to commit more serious crime. So it’s really difficult to balance the public safety and personal privacy. And people keep arguing about that and can’t decide which is more important.

which tools I think were used:

First, I think there must be thousands of camera being used to get everybody’s faces. And then there should be face tracker technology like faceOSC to distinguish real human faces from other things. After they getting those faces, there should be some kind of face recognition system that could analyze the features of faces it detects. Like the location of eyes, the size of the nose. And then, it can compare them with the face information in the database and decide which person that is.

which challenges the developers faced:

  1. It’s a little bit difficult for machine to decide which face is from real human and which is from paper(like posters or masks). So if a person wear a mask, the computer might recognize him as another person.
  2. The differences between different faces might tiny and difficult to detect. Especially when some one is moving, it’s a lot more difficult for camera to capture the exact features of his face.
  3. People’s faces might be very different when they have different facial expression.
  4. Moral issue: people will doubt if it’s an invasion of privacy when their faces are recognized and recorded.

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