Final project_Rainbow Book

As I’ve stated pretty clear in my final idea that I would make a book for Chinese little girl for self-protection. So this book is based on Chinese.

And then as I always find that books which are moveable quite “surprising”, and therefore, I choose felt, which is easy to add and get off elements on. I first just make all the pages. I just used grey felt and cut them into same size and sewed them so that I would have double side.

And then I used scissors to make some holes at the edges and use the steel wires to connect them altogether.

Which is really easy to dig holes on.

And because of myself, i know girls better than boys, so I made my book exclusively for girls. And it started with “GRL PWR” (Girl Power)


And I think it is also important to show that Love is equal from young age, and I made this rainbow flag.

And then I started to thinkabout what content to really put into the book. I started with wanting to show children to learn about their own bodies.

I made the dresses moveable for little girls to play with. And the Chinese words simply says know about me, and as I imagined, parents could point at the little figure on the book and teach children about their body. And the right page is asking children who could change clothes for them, and there’re correct and wrong buttons that parents could use to interact with their kids.

And then, in China the education always has been ask children to respect older people. And therefore I made this page which means, “Learn to say no.” The right side page is like “stranger’s ” “chocolate”, “ice-cream.” I made these two parts moveable, which parents could take out and interact with their kids as well.

And finally, I also think that though children need to be really careful with this world but also, it is important to teach children about love. Love is all we need.

I made this with all different kinds of languages in different colors. And all of the words are able to move around.


Lastly, I made the package. When I looked at all the materials that I left, I felt it was such a waste and are there any ways to reuse them? I then think of matisse’s paper art, which is beautiful but could be made of little bits.

Yes, that’s pretty much it!

I got some leftovers and I rearranged them put them into the box, and the idea is that parents could DIY the books with their kids. They decide what to teach their kids, which add more element to this book.

And great thanks to Marcela who helped me filming kid play with my book~





Thank you marcela~ see u 2019 😀




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