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For my beacon project, I wanted to have one beacon that loaded events at the student dorms and one beacon that loaded events at the academic center. This way, students could see exactly which events were happening that day because it’s easy to forget what’s happening on Thursday when we are sent an events email early Monday morning.

I started with testing EvoThings and its connection from my laptop to my phone. I simply loaded the events email onto an HTML document. It worked on the first try! I then went to create my own website that listed all the events for that specific beacon.

I then ran into issues with trying to connect this HTML document to the beacon. In order to configure the URL to the beacon, I had to first find my localhost address, then try to configure a shorter URL address, then attach it to the beacon.

The local host address was the biggest issue. I downloaded MAMP and copied the beacon folder into MAMP’s htdocs folder. Matt and I had to try a few different options with the local host address. We finally found my IPv4 address, then had to find whether I needed to put :8888 after the address or not. We finally got it to work on the laptop, but couldn’t connect on my phone. We figured this was because of NYU Berlin’s WiFi configuration and settings. When I arrived back at my home in the US, my phone was able to connect.

I put my localhost address into bitly’s URL shortener and put that as my beacon’s URL. Normally, you can’t shorten localhost addresses with a URL shortener, but this time it did work. Because I spent so much time trying to figure out the URL and the local host issues, I decided to just do one beacon that would load the events email we got every Monday. If this project were to go as is in the school, I would just replace the email URL every Monday with the new events email. One issue that still remains is that on the laptop, the loaded email is very small whereas it loads correctly on the phone. I don’t see this as a huge issue as I intended people to be looking at this on their phones, and not have a laptop in close proximity to the beacon.

This was the first test:

This was the first test:


This is the website I built:

This is the final:



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