LM: Location Website

For my location website, I decided to make a website that would show the user which hemisphere (north vs south) they were in. This is a play on other location websites that try to show you a more precise location, whereas mine is very vague.

I made my website give the user their coordinate, then check whether the latitude was greater than 0. If it is, then a picture of the northern hemisphere will pop up. If not, a picture of the southern hemisphere will pop up.

In the middle of working on this project, my computer decided that it no longer thought the getLocation() attached to the onclick of the button was valid. I didn’t make any edits to this part of the code, and it suddenly stopped working. I tried closing the programs and reopening them, but nothing fixed it. This happened before I was able to put the photos in the program, so even if this getLocation() problem gets fixed, I don’t know if the photos will show up.


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