Locative Media Project 3: Capture the Treasures

My final design of locative game is very similar to Capture the Flag, but just adds more technical elements in it. After changing several ideas and watching several TV shows I think add something new to a already success traditional game will be a good way.

There’re still going to be two teams with same people(ideally each group have 4 people or more, let’s use “n” to represent the number), and each team will have n-1 objects to be picked up by another team. These objects are virtual treasures(which can be different) and and be unlocked with AR scanning. You can tell the location of these treasures on your phone side but can only know what it exactly is until you unlock it. When enemy players is “tagged” by the opposite team member, they will be “frozen” until freed by a member of his own team. The team that unlocks all the items quicker will win and can collect all the items.

So instead of only one side has a “lag, both team have items to be captured on their side in this game, because it takes more time to collect items on phone. Also it requires bigger and more complex environment for players to hide instead of plain playground. Playing in playground will be too much running involved and difficult to unlock anything from your phone (I can imaging people get tagged once they take out their phones out of pocket). So in this sense, think of CS that requires using more strategy when approaching to the “flags” .



(The prototype is based on Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, which I think is a good location to play this game ^ ^)

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