VR Titles, Olesia Ermilova

So, for the first one, I’ve decided to post about one of the pioneers in VR space traveling. This is called ” Lucid Space Dreams”. The idea is quite simple: you get to drift in space, stargaze and solve problems in the astronaut form. You get to explore an alien planet, appreciate mesmerising and previously undiscovered scenery. I love this video because you can watch it in 360 plus it utilises Oculus which to my ┬ámind is the best headset. I’d loooove to play this game much more as I think it’s extremely immersive. Plus, I’ve been into lucid dreams for a while now and the idea of playing a VR lucid dream game excites me because this way I can compare my one experiences in lucid dreams with the ones in the game.


Top 9 Virtual Reality Space Travel Experiences

The second one is related to my other obsession- Rick and Morty. ┬áThere is a new game coming called “Rick and Morty’s Virtual Rick-ality” for PlayStation VR. I think this game is gonna be great because while playing this game you’ll be able to investigate diverse dimensions in space and time. Plus, you get to learn more about physics and science stuff. Not to mention the fact that IT’S RICK AND MORTY. VR, gaming, my favourite cartoon series…all combined they will make a thrilling game! Plus, it will be easily accessible through Steam.


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