Assignment 2, Review of Titles -Lillian Korinek

Additional Two Projects: 


Platform: HTC Vive

#music #rhythm #indie #casual #comfortable


Chat using full spatialized 3-d audio in a wide variety of environments. 

Use emotes, emoji, and hand gestures to communicate fully with your entire body. We have avatars with incredible technology, including mouths that realistically match your speech and eyes that actually look at you. Our full IK system tracks when you lean or crouch.

All in all, VRChat has the most expressive avatars around!

Jam Studio VR

The Night Cafe: A VR Tribute to Van Gogh

[WEIRD] Dating Lessons:

Dracula: Vampires vs. Zombies:

Platform: HTC Vive

#action #indie #casual #violent #Darkcomedy

Review of Existing VR Catalog:

  1. Notes on Blindness (9/10): The simplicity of the titles visual effects, focusing on colors and light, partnered with its incredible use of audio made this title extremely notable (punny…I know).
  2. NYT in VR (7/10): Although the quality of each submission varies, I like that there are multiple stories within one location– it really does add a new form of dynamism to journalism.
  3. Accounting (7/10): The humor of this game was so engaging. I also liked the task-oriented design of the game- it was easy to follow but a challenge was still presented.
  4. AudioFactory (7/10): The visuals + the audio in this game was beautiful and relaxing! I’m definitely finding that I am leaning towards audio experiences in VR games.




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