Week 4: VR Catalogue Reflections

In the Eyes of the Animals (Samsung Gear VR): 6/10. Love the concept, but thought the owl was the weakest chapter – wanted more from the audio.

Angest (Samsung Gear VR): 10/10. Loved the distinction between movement and actions, found that the game progressed very smoothly. High interactivity with objects.

In Mind 2 VR (Google Daydream): 3/10. Aesthetically pleasing but I thought movements/transitions were awkward.

Horizons (Google Daydream): 6/10. Beautiful graphics but tired of the experience quickly.

Job Simulator: the 2050 Archives (HTC Vive): I am interested in playing this game on the Vive because I loved the concept; in the year 2050, workers have been replaced by robots, but you can still experience what it was like to have a job in the “old days” thanks to JobBot. I’ve watched the trailers for this game and it looks like there is a high degree of interactivity (the ability to throw food in an office, etc) with puzzles for the user to work through.

Virtual-Virtual Reality (Daydream): Like Job Simulator: the 2050 Archives, Virtual-Virtual Reality has a similar concept; far in the future, work is automated and AI is integrated into daily society. Aesthetically I love this game, and its tongue-in-cheek attitude towards VR. Would love to give it a try.

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