Assignment 03: Crochet

I was very excited to try crochet this week. My grandma used to make a living on crochet and selling her self-made hats, scarves, sweater etc. But what she made are mostly in very complex patterns and the materials were more solid and thinner than the one we used in class (see pictures below).

                                                       This is what she usually knitted.

 And this is something similar to the tools she used.

I wanted to learn from her when I was little but it was too complicated so I gave up. So actually this is my first time (actually) doing crochet. We started from single stitch which I think is pretty easy. It was quite fun to just keep doing single stitch until I realized that it was nothing pretty. Double stitch made the crochet become into an actual pattern — you can combine single stitch and double stitch to make a anything in a square or a rectangle, for example a blanket or mug coaster.

Single stitch with the green cloth


Double stitch to make a square

However when it went further to the magical ring I kind of got lost. I was able to make one ring but didn’t know how to proceed further. I tried to follow the online tutorials but wasn’t able to follow every step because there was no enough time. If I am to do some crochet for my midterm project I will definitely turn to the tutorials again for help.

Then it was half double stitch (if I remember it right), this was actually easier than the ring at least for me. I was able to follow and made several stitches with the yarns, but I forgot to take photos of them:(

In general I liked the experience of playing with the yarns and there are actually a lot of cute stuff that I want to make with crochet. Such as:



One thought on “Assignment 03: Crochet

  1. the patterns that your grandma makes look amazing!!
    and you definitely have the talent, you just need to practice!
    if at anytime you want me to teach you the magic ring, just let me know, I’ll be happy to teach you how to do it.
    great job Nora!

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