Week 6: Embrace the Remix

This was one of the best videos I have watched so far recently and I could not agree more with Ferguson. I believe that just like we are the mix of the DNA of our parents with slight variations, so are the great works and inventions as they are revered and transformed by new inventors and artists. As Ferguson stated, “our creativity comes from without, not from within. We are not self-made.” We are certainly dependent on one another as our society has come this far with the advancements due to the expansion on the works before us. I agree with Ferguson’s statement of the three fundamental elements of copy, transform and combine as there is in fact NOTHING that is truly original. It is a fact that every single thing, including the most creative and innovative things are created from numerous influences. As a fashion enthusiast, I cannot help but think about fashion designers who have “muses” that are usually the source of inspiration for the designers or from famous art. They are known for taking inspiration from famous art very often from Museums. Many fashion designers have claimed to have been inspired by famous art of Artists such as Saint Laurent inspired by Mondrian, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Tirassegno inspired by Kenneth Noland’s Blue Extent, or Rodarte inspired by Van Gogh’s flowers. Another example is the Migos flow in the rap industry in which many songs are created using this triplet flow that Migos’ supposedly started. However, with research I found out that this triplet flow has already been used since the 1980s but Migos had recreated it and implemented it into rap music. This certainly shows that whether intentional or not, our works are inspired by previous influences and that nothing is truly original. Simply put, even our college research assignments are inspired by multiple ideas and sources and thus created into our own work.

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