3 Most Moments

List Your 3 most compelling/cool techniques/innovations/styles/moments that you’ve seen/heard/read of in VR (in no particular order)

  • When I played Spark of Light (Samsung Gear) and felt a sense of depth that I had never experienced in VR before. There was something about the vibrant colours, seamless graphics, great resolution, and most of all a very obvious sense of depth that was just breathtaking.
  • Explosions. I think explosions are cathartic. I want to see a ball of rainbow colors burst from an orb, or pandora’s box in VR, or an inception-style-the-whole-world-explodes scene. I don’t know why I have such an urge, I just think it would be even cooler if I could yell and jump and the more energy I gave the more the room exploded. It would be stress relieving.
  • No remote control or gloves, but an actual sense of touch. That would be such a cool frontier to break. Once the touch sense gets added (flawlessly), it kicks up realism to a whole new level.

-Mary Gao

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