The Most (__) thing in VR by Steven

1. The funniest thing is how you can enjoy VR with headset not on you but your friend: It seems that little multiplayer games are there, but we still want to invite our friends home for some VR fun. For play station/Oculus rift/HTC vive it’s actully pretty interesting that you can see what your friends see in the screen, and for puzzle games you can even play together. Of course, watching your friend’s reactions and interactions with air is always fun.

2. The most amazing thing is how our emotional response are enhanced in VR: It’s amazing that we become more scared when playing horror game in VR; more aggressive/nervous when playing combat/shooting game(like Super Hot) in VR; more touched/engaged when going through a story in VR; etc. As things become more realistic in VR, we are more emotionally reactive.

3. The coolest thing is VR cinemotography: for example, Intel’s studio in LA. I think the coolest thing to do when watching film in the future is that one can be sent right there into the scene where actors/actresses are performing, having 6 DOF, walking around the performers and looking at the performance in different angles. Interactivity is also imaginable that one is probably able to pause/start the film and look at the details of the scenes with more time.

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