Week 8- Reading Response to Chimamanda Adichie’s The Danger of a Single Story(Leon & Nimrah) – Jo

Adichie begins the talk with how reading a myriad of children’s literature has unlocked her understanding on how all cultures could be depicted and goes on to her main point on how a single story could discourage our conceptions of other people. She goes on to make points regarding generalizations that are universal as they are ongoing issues in the world and I believe that they are more in existence than ever before as a result of social media and its misconceptions thus creating stigma, ignorance, and stereotypes. I remember watching this Ted Talk a while back and remember being so shocked by everything she had said. It makes me think of my two study abroad experiences in the past as well as my current one right now in Shanghai and experiencing all the opposites of the same stereotypes I have heard from many sources. Unfortunately, all we really have is our perception of a group of people or a single story as she says when we study abroad whether they are true or not due to our prior inability to experience it ourselves. However, this is exactly where we would have to make things right by refraining from accepting stereotypes and letting ourselves open up to the truth of the reality.  I agree with Adichie’s long for people abstaining from settling for the single story as I believe that we should allow the single story to only serve as a foundation to seek far beyond it in order to “empower and humanize” as she expresses.

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