Audio project documentation (Krom)

Here is the (belated) link for mine and Roy’s audio project

Overall, I am very satisfied with the way our project turned out. The main effect we were going for is a sort of parody of guided mediation soundtracks. I feel that what the project ended up showing (even though this was not the initial message behind it) is how ineffective and counterproductive guided meditation can be at times, and the absurdity behind the phrases such as “just relax, just breathe”.
We started by making a list of sounds we both find extremely unpleasant, we asked some of our classmates, friends etc, and in the end we had a list of about 20 different sounds that we then had to organize in a way that it still follows some kind of ordered meditation. We downloaded a couple of meditation transcripts, out of which I used bits and pieces to create an outline for our transcript. We then added some phrases such as “You’re slouching a bit, aren’t you” that would add to the increasing anxiety the sounds aimed to produce.
We used the podcasting studio to record the narration, which was used as a sort of guideline/base in which sounds would be added accordingly (chewing sounds, for instance, came in only during the “picnic” scene).

In order to truly enhance the effect, Roy took the time and made a gorgeous website that would also visually guide the listener. I believe that this final touch really put tied everything in place in a way, and am grateful to my partner for offering his skills and taking the time out of his schedule to make this final design.

Again, I am very proud of our project, and hope that the audience appreciated it, but did not enjoy it.

~ Suncica Bruck

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