Inflatables Class 3 HW – Jimmy Kim

Read these 2 websites and write about your feelings about these two products and how they are using air inflation in their design.

The two products are an inflatable rolling suitcase designed by Nicola Staubli and an inflatable LED lamp constructed by Theo Moller and Ingo Maurer. The rolling suitcase called Zippelin¬†uses an inner tube that is sewn to a big piece of tarp. The pressurized air is then able to replace the big, bulky structure of metal parts. They can be deflated and take up only a fraction of a normal traveling bag. Staubli derived the idea from foldable bikes that save a lot of space. I think this idea is cool and interesting but not practical. When I’m traveling, I am looking for something sturdy and reliable to hold my belongings – I don’t think I would trust an inflatable bag. Also, there is a funny user comment at the end of the article, in which someone replies to someone else remarking that the bag is 620 USD (“would you say, then, the price feels somewhat inflated?”). The price is definitely not worth it.

The second product is the LED lamp that one unrolls, blows up and connects the wiring. The sensor switch on one side of the LED strip radiates the reflective side of the tube and scatters indirect lighting around the room. The lamp can then be hung on the ceiling or leaned against the wall. I think this product is much more practical and appealing.


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