Week 8: Interactive Video Storyboard (Chen)

During Thursday’s group session, Dylan, Eva, and I drew narrowed down our interactive story to be about the process of getting ready for a date and a disaster that happens along the way, with the ending being the result of the date itself. We visualized the plotline and its different directions in this outline.

It starts with a quick montage of the beginning of the day: waking up, eating breakfast, and heading out etc. We plan to do this portion in a first-person POV, and might attach a GoPro to our heads to achieve it.

Once the character/user reaches Century Ave, there will be the option of line 2 or 6; one that goes to a fake market and one to a fancy mall. We will also switch to third-person POV shots. The character then goes to the destination chosen and picks out an outfit for a date later in the evening, which will all be up to user. There will be 2 different themes for the outfits; casual and dressy. After buying the outfit and putting it on, there will be a couple hours before the date, and the user can choose what the character does–our options right now are to go to Starbucks, or just take a walk? Regardless, something happens so that the clothes get dirtied, but then a text pops up from the date saying it’s time to meet up, so the character has to go to the destination, a rooftop, in dirty clothes. At the rooftop, the character is worried about her ruined clothes, but the date says the clothes/physical appearance doesn’t matter and says she looks great and the date goes well.

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