Final Project Idea

Like many other seniors, I need a portfolio site to display to potential employers, so I will create one using React.js. To be more specific, I want to get a job in the game industry, and that goal will inform many of my design decisions. To better support this purpose, my portfolio UI needs to be able to show off the games that I’ve made.

I want each game’s project page to include a playable version of the game. Most existing portfolios include screenshots and/or gameplay videos, while a few also have a download link to the game. However, I don’t think many employers will bother to actually take the time to download and play a game. Embedding the game into the portfolio itself will make things easier for employers and increase the likelihood of them actually engaging with my work.

In addition to this, each page will also include typical information that employers want to know, such as if the project was created solo or as part of a team, what technology was used, etc. Previously, I considering integrated this information into the project description. However, when I was doing design research, I found a portfolio from someone in the game industry that communicates all of this info in a way I really admire. David Shaver organizes it in a neat, easily readable column to the left of the project description, and I will probably copy this aspect of the layout.

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