Final Project Idea

For my final project, I am going to make an online diary app using react.js. Nowadays most people don’t physically write that much, but type using digital devices instead. Therefore, I figure out that it would be more convenient for those using an online diary app, with the app itself being more accessible (don’t have to worry about a diary book disappearing or being stolen). I think diaries don’t have to be traditional where everyday people sit down and write a full paragraph or page of everything; they can be specific occurrences or brief thoughts/statements happening whenever. The app is for anyone who has a PC or phone, especially ones who is eager to document unique feelings and cool ideas before they disappear for good and slowly being forgotten.

How my project will be different from existing diary apps is mainly the layout of entries and how this will generate different feelings for the users. By connecting daily entries with calendar, users can easily navigate through different entries posted at different times. By grouping specific entries,  they can be linked to each other by topics. Overall, the juxtaposing of the entries will help user to be more connected to their own stories. I will be able to tell more about them after I will have done my competitor research.

My problem is that I want to be able to break the risk of users having non-lasting interest in writing diaries, maybe by adding game-like “sign-in” prizes/awards (I still haven’t exactly figured out how).

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