Capstone Second User Test (Naimark)

For this user test, I had the players run a full version of the game, minus hardware. In particular, I wanted to make sure that the hints I created actually pointed intuitively to the solution. After uncovering around 3 or 4 hints, as well as investigating the square with the ghouls, the players were able to deduce which location was the correct one. Because of the small board size, the game only took around 10 minutes to play, which is much shorter than my original expectations. However, I think this is okay because the game simplifications make it easier to play test, and I believe that I can easily scale the length and complexity of the game in the future.

Users really liked that the computer moves the content around to different locations each time the game is played. This makes it interesting to play more than once. However, users did suggest that I add in a larger variety of hints. Even though the hints are in different places each game, they are still the same hints every time. Therefore, one of my next steps is to sit down and write a bunch more content. My goal is to have three times the number of hints I have right now.

Players also responded positively to the artwork of the board. The roads made it clear which locations were connected and could be moved between. The art also helped to group the location squares into areas, which is important to be aware of because of some of the hidden rules.

One aspect that users struggled with is going back to try and remember how many moves they had used in a round. This is promising because my use of technology is meant to solve this problem. Once the hardware is properly connected, the display will inform them of the number of moves they have left, without them having to retrace their steps


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