Final Project Essay

Name: Yudi Ao (Amy)

Instructor: Marcela Godoy

Partner: Nora Yang

The most core part for interaction, in my opinion, is the exchange of information, which effects both two sides through a continuous series of mutual communications. The key of interaction is to have reciprocal reactions for not only users but also projects, reflected on no matter what kind of senses, listening, movement, visualisation, perceptions, others, or combining several aspects together. Then the purpose of interaction is to have the user engage in the interactive process. Interaction Art therefore is a kind of art not only centred in users’ experiences but also how the exchange process valued between two sides, though the final terminal is still more based on users’ feeling. Creators use a project to express their feelings and want users can get exactly or at least most of that through an interactive process. 

An important well-established form of interaction I can think of immediately is virtual reality. Users can exchange information with a machine, game, or so-called project, by giving responses through movements and getting responses through the screen from aspects of listening, visualisation, perceptions and so on. The most crucial part of virtual reality is exactly the exchange of information, to eventually make the users feel something, for instance, feel terrified in a horrible game, excited in a battle scenario, or happy, sad, surprising and many many more possibilities. This achievement of helping users engage in a new environment to feel something, to feel reality in a virtual dimension, to enjoy the process of interacting with something, is already a kind of art and exactly the initial intent of VR.

The project we want to build is an interactive version of ping-pong game with a box composed with many LEDs, in which there will be about 6✖8 (maybe a larger size) sections and each section will contain a led inside, which can switch among several colours. While the ping-pong image would be presented on the led box in the form of different combination with colours and length, the user could interact with the game by using the controller of Arduino sensors to move the board left or right physically (there may be a better method of this). It will be an obvious game without further explanation or description ahead.

Then some required materials are Arduino uno, many LEDs, paper box, multiple wires, some sensors and a laptop.

As I had described, the purpose of an interactive project is to have the user engage in this interactive process. By exchanging the information through the simple LEDs’ direct change, user can enjoy play a more interactive version of ping-pong and the more direct visualisation will make user feel better engaged and surprising. 

The reference of the project is video of a led table we found on Youtube, challenge ourselves by thinking more, we found another video of a led table to play Tetris, The led version of a brick kick game and Tetris give us inspiration to build a similar led box to provide more interactive for an existing game, a game not only one can play with himself but also more other people.

When the users see a led box and two controllers in front, they even don’t need the computer. We also believe ping-pong represents a very strong Chinese cultural characteristic. I used to see many international students in our campus play ping-pong outside the gym and this game is definitely loved to be able to be a bridge between some people, just like how exchange of information being a bridge in interaction.

The new version of ping-pong game would bring the users lots of fun. We don’t know how long it will take to complete the project, which combines led, sound, and maybe some vibrations, so that users can enjoy the game through more types of physical senses but not limited in visualisation.


4 thoughts on “Final Project Essay

  1. Hi Yudi, seeing your references I’m confused about the way the users interact with the project, could you define this better?
    It is a still physical way to play or more conceptual?
    Sketches might be helpful.

    • I may be not able to give specific reference from any readings we had so far to define interaction, because this way is concluded from the whole process of learning, including making projects, every recitation and the understanding of my own. Then about the way users interact with the project, it is just as the normal ping-pong game but with Arduino sensors to control the movement of “rackets” in the LED box. All the visualisation part will be through the LED.

      • I understand, but when you write a paper or a essay, you reference some other’s work to support what you are saying. It doesn’t need to be the same of what you are saying, you can disagree with an author too.
        The projects, and recitations are not the only way we have given to the students to understand interaction, there are only readings and videos. If people based their understanding of a topic in only what they think or they have seen, then their understanding would be too limited.

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