Final Project Essay (Sean)


Just like my midterm project, my final project will also base on environmental protection and recycling of waste. I was inspired by the guest speakers from the “new workshop.” I was impressed by the fact that they had done a project on the recycling of plastics. The recycled plastics that are selected by the two girls from streets to streets are made into useful faith products, beautiful and environmentally friendly. After class, I also did a lot of investigations and found that now facing the problem of waste plastic recycling has become a major ecological problem, and more and more people are finally aware of the importance of recycling plastic recycling. At present, only 2% of plastics are recycled, which means that nearly a third of the waste plastic has entered the ecological environment, 14% for incineration or energy recovery, and 40% of the plastic has been used as garbage in the garbage. If we can recycle plastics as much as we can in the life and even more rubbish instead of producing more rubbish, our country also the whole environment will have sustainable development and a better place for our children.

Rough Thoughts:

In the middle term project, I mainly used processing to make a small game of garbage sorting and recycling, to awaken people’s awareness of garbage recycling. I am still willing to make a play for this project at the end of the period, but combine processing and Arduino to make only a more interactive mini-game. In my opinion, the most critical part of interaction is the “communication” section, in other words, the exchange and refresh of information between users and machines or applications. The game is the most interactive and easy way. The purpose of interaction is not only to provide users with a simple tool but also to create a partnership that can talk to you, so users and devices can adjust themselves to cooperate with each other. In this way, users not only use machines or applications, but they are also affected by them. Using this, the mini-games I made can deliver and share information about environmental protection and waste classification to people. To do this, I will use more iconic icons and more realistic scenarios to build the game. I prefer to use devices which can recognize the shape of the player’s human body and project it on the screen to form an animation, which can make the player more involved. I plan to use the player’s body movements to complete the game’s actions, which is to eliminate garbage icons to achieve the garbage classification.



Human limbs are different four points, representing different categories. The speed of the icons is different. The final player will reach a certain target score will appear special animation rewards.
I hope that through this game, people’s awareness of environmental protection can be aroused. At the same time, it can also help modern people to stand up and move their bodies and maintain their health.

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