Week 11: Computers, Pencils and Brushes (Chen)

After reading the short article of Computers, Pencils, Brushes, it lets me rethink of what computer means to us. I have heard some scholars argued that for the future digital and artificial intelligence world, art is the only way to let human be human. However we may ignore the fact that art design is highly influenced by advanced technique. As the author said in this article: “The hand and mind will eventually become atrophied.” Because computer may simplify the art creation process. In the past, if we want to sketch a bridge we need to go there and spend more than a week to be familiar with it, then we need to find a perfect spot to start our sketch journal. However, through computer, some lazy drawers may just google it and check its information online, then they can sketch it at home. Gradually, we just lack the capability to sketch without the help of computer. As the author said, computer is just a tool with various advantages but it is not a creative tool, the beauty of art should not be determined by computer.

Furthermore, the author also points out two essential questions: When to use computer? How to use computer? I really agree with his idea that: “nothing can replace the hand in early stages of design education”. Artists should collect what they want by their own hands rather than through computer. They should use pencils and brushes to draw the world, touch and feel the temperature of their papers, make messes in their painting rooms and not feel afraid to draw the wrong thing. It’s the best way to let artist be artist. For their future development, computer is a good tool for them to enrich the meanings of their pieces.

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