Week 11: Response to “Hackers and Painters” (Chen)

In this article, the author talks about his opinion on the hackers and hacking that hacking is more like a creating and making process, just like painters doing painitings or composers making new songs. I think this idea is really interesting. First, as the author also mentioned, people usually condsider hacking as a formal and restrained behaviour that hackers must follow some specific rules and structures. But by considering in the way that computers and programs are just like the burshes in painters hands, hakcing would become creative. I like one point the author raised, which says the existence and meaning of program is not just for use, and hackers should not only use it as means or should not have an exact concept of what they would do with the programs. Hackers should make their own program, starting from no program. So the idea in hackers have are really precious, though we may not have practical program to present it, we should always remember hacking can be and should be creative. Second, hackers themselves have attitudes of being creative. Another point mention by the author I like very much is that hackers is different from programmers, just like architectures and engineers. So don’t take it for granted that hackers are just doing something with some fancy programs and difficult mathematical formulas. Wrong. Hackers have attitudes. They love programming and use programs to express themselves, just like painters. These two aspects change my stereotypes on programming and make me begin to pay attention to those “hackers”.

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