Week 12: Response to Web Work: A History of Net Art (Moon)

In this article, the author introduces the emergent and development of the web work. It is interesting that the internet was primarily used to convey information which only have primitive HTML, which included simple texts without any visual effects. Then, the Internet developed to use other styles to convey messages like images and animations. What’s most surprising and interesting is that the net art that casts such huge influence on people’s lives was actually a result of an accident.

I think the Internet is an amazing thing. With the internet, everyone can reach art work easily and net art can be spread much wilder and quicker. Also, something very unique with the internet art compared to other forms of art is that it is cheap and easily accessible almost to everyone who has an internet access and a computer. Internet art gives people an experience which otherwise they can not feel without a presence of  the browser.

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