Final Project


Saskia Zeng

Marcela Godoy

INTM-SHU 101 002

16 April 2018

My definition of “interaction”

From the beginning of the semester, we have think about the meaning of “interaction” and the professor gave us some videos to watch to develop our own idea of what is interaction. I remember that all the projects we have seen before are very creative and amazing. It’s my first time to know that art can be connected with interaction media, in that case, I thought what is interaction is people interact with the physical elements, no matter the computers or the sensors through the code we can control the physical elements to achieve what we want. In that time, I thought interaction just like people can control and use the machines better than before, like we can explore into the art area. However, after nearly a semester’s study, we learn about Arduino, processing and even 3d printer. There is a question occur to me that  who/what  we really interact with in these way of interaction media? Is the physical elements or the other people? Now, I think I get the answer. Interaction is among the people, it’s the silent conversations between the users or creators. When you interact with a “machine” you will notice that there are someone else also join in that project, you will know what the creator what you to achieve.  Therefore, the interaction is the heart-to-heart communication for you to know the other people better, even the stranger. Like the computer is like the most common interaction in our daily life. You can simply click the link or app to get information. But you are not interact with the code of the computer system or the screen itself but the people who establish the website and who write the article or leave the comments. It can distance people closer together, like you don’t need to go to a specific place to meet someone rather than you can have the iPhone call or video chat to have the meeting. In this case, this kind of interaction will make people dependent on the technology. Therefore, what we need to do is let the people participate into the real world through the physical elements to interact with the real person.

My final project

I will do this final project with my partner, Peter. Actually, we want to create a game at first, just like our midterm project to let the people interact with some sensors and then they can have some “achievements”. However, the question that “what is the meaning of interaction” remind us that we can take advantage of the interaction to express and convey feelings. Interaction is not within the people and the physical screen, we need to let the people back to the real world to interact with the real person and the real social environment through the physical elements like our computers. From this point, we want to create a “vending machine” to sell the memory and the emotion. We’d like to make a big (maybe not big, it depends) vending machine like a gashapon machine which filled with the “capsule toy”. You can have one capsule that you need to write down some words to the other, it can be a word which can represent you recently emotion, some words you are not dare to tell the other, a wish, something you like or something you want to achieve and so on. For the user, you will get one capsule from the machine and there will be a computer behind the machine. When you get one capsule, there will be one guide on the screen. To follow that guide, you need to  preform some action like give a smile, a clapping. Then you can open the capsule and read other’s little note. We are aiming at pass the emotion among people and close the distance between people. Besides, this machine can be placed in the metro station or on the busy street for people to interact with someone they don’t know.




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