Progress Update and User Testing by Harry

Progress Update

So far, because of technical obstacles of the facial tracking technology, I have to change the way of presenting my ideas from tracking projection on human face to still projection on a fake head.

At the same time, in order to keep the interactivity of my project, I come up with a series of questions for the audience to choose and the images projected and audio output will change according to different options of the audience.

I have designed the following questions for the users and different choices will come up with two different results(A or B) eventually:

1. When you meet someone you like, will you approach her(him)? (Yes—2; No—A)

2. When you find he (she) feel comfortable about your approach, will you tell him (her) what you feel and take the initiative? (Yes —3;No —A)

3. When you are deep in love with someone, will you try to stay with him the all time and know everything about him(her)? (Yes — 4; No — 5)

4. When you have strong conflicts with each other, will you change yourself to adapt the other one?

(Yes — 5; No — 6)

5. When you are over the passion for love and get used to living with each other, will you find it unbearable? (Yes — 6; No — 8)

6. Your relationship ends here. (Then A)

A. You may keep single but it isn’t necessary a bad thing.

B. He(She) may be the right one.

The three user testing feedback:

User 1: she thinks the fake head is a little bit scary for the audience so it might be hard to taste the romantic feeling out of the process. But she thinks the questions and the process of two peoples relationship are close to most people’s situations.

User 2: he thinks the process may not apply to anyone because people have different approaches in the development of a relationship. For instance, some couples may not even have strong conflicts in a relationship.

User 3: He thinks I should record a voiceover version of the questions and make it feel like a storytelling journey with only visual and sound elements.

Next Step:

For the following two weeks, I will figure out the coding part of the interactivity for one week. And finish the animation of the visual content. And finally incorporate them with several pieces of music.

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